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First Birthday Venues Melbourne

The first birthday of your child is significant for you. That is why you are stressed out. There are plenty of things that you need to prepare. Food is important. Designs, too. What about the venue? Where is the perfect place in Melbourne to have the first birthday of your kid? What about the activities?

Don’t worry. We, from Lensbaby, will take care of all the stress and hassle, so your child’s first birthday is going to be a time to remember.

caden 1 year oldOK, let’s say, for example, we have Caden. His dad is very busy working from 8am to 5pm as the senior manager of a large IT security firm. And his mom is also working as a nurse during night shifts. There is so much going around home and work, so the couple didn’t have lots of time to think about the first birthday of Caden. But in the end, Caden’s birthday was a total success. It was a blast!

This is what happened. Caden’s mom, Caitlyn called Lensbaby. She talked about the coming birthday of Caden, and she explained her vision for the party. Our friendly birthday assistant explained in details what Lensbaby could do for Caitlyn and Caden. After Caitlyn agreed, the next thing she knew is that all the details of Caden’s birthday were already prepared and the party was smooth and easy.

Here is how Lensbaby prepared the birthday party and the venue

First, Lensbaby drafted a party idea for Caden. After a day, this idea was emailed to Caitlyn along with the total cost of the first birthday party of Caden. After Caitlyn approved the idea and the cost, Lensbaby called all its partners that could help make Caden’s birthday a success. These partners vary and not limited to venue management service providers, clowns, sound and lights services, food catering services, party supplies, and decor services.

Three hours before the birthday, everything was already set for Caden’s birthday. His dad and mom did not have a stress in preparing for the perfect first birthday party of Caden.

Do you want your son or daughter to have the perfect birthday party like Caden? Contact us today!

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Simple Guide to Teach Piano to Kids

Music lessons given during early childhood play an important role in forming neural pathways to proper brain development. These lessons also give kids a head start on self-expression and creativity. Music was probably the first language of human beings that it continues to provide a primal response in everyone. Anyone from any part of the world can listen to a certain song and understand the emotion it conveys.

This is why teaching piano to kids has become very popular these days. As a parent, there are several things you can do to ensure that your child will have a great time learning how to play the piano. Below are some guidelines to help you prepare your kid for great habits that he or she will continue to nurture for life:

Ask the Teacher If It is Possible to be Present for a Few Lessons

It will help you get a good understanding of the interaction between your child and the teacher. This also gives you the chance to see the types of materials they will work on. You might also want to check this with your kid. There are some children who tend to get nervous or feel as if you are interfering with their independence.

Take Piano Lessons Yourself

Why not become the perfect role model and practice what you preach? This is a great way to show your kid that you are just like them as far as making mistakes is concerned. You can also play duets together which can be the perfect bonding experience. Meanwhile, if you cannot take lessons with them, you can learn more about the piano so that you can answer those simple questions they might have.

Be Wise in Choosing the Practice Time

Make sure that your kid is not hungry. Kids must also have sufficient playtime outdoors or physical playtime before the start of their lessons. It can be quite impossible for a child to concentrate if their stomach is growling or if he or she has a raging case of wiggles. You can schedule a practice at the same time every day and inform your child in advance that it is time for him or her to sit down.

Sit Near Your Child During Piano Lessons

Use this time to catch up on that magazine or your favorite book and encourage your kid with positive praise every now and then. You can even ask your child about what he is playing or help him if he ever feels frustrated or stuck.

Celebrate Small Achievements

Help your kid set goals for achievement and practice and celebrate with them once these are reached.



Follow Your Kid’s Cues

Trying to force a child to play music that they are not into is not good for their morale, whatever their age might be. Look for songs that your child will love to play like fun classical pieces they haven’t heard before or pop music. Once they fall in love with practicing, you and the piano teacher can push boundaries into new territories.

Top Reasons to Use a Function Venue Finding Service

Whether you are planning your wedding or a special event in your company, the venue of the occasion is one of the things that you always have to consider. But, when your hands are full, finding the best venue might not be that easy. Good thing you can now count on a function venue finding service that will take this load off your shoulders.

So, why hire this kind of service, then?

Venues are Picked Based on Your Specifications

All you need to do is fill out your requirements for the party, and the professionals will then get back to you with the custom list of venues which ticked all the right boxes, like the venue style, location, and number of attendees.

They Personally Visit Venues on Your Behalf

Venue finding services list potential venues on their records which they visit on a regular basis. If you will choose a venue based on the photos available on their site, you will find that these are all up to date.

No Obligation

You wouldn’t be pressured to select any of the function venues presented to you. You will be the one to decide the venue you want based on their list. This is fine as it is a no obligation service.


You probably have to organize an event in a place far from your own area of residence. A function venue finding service will help you get in touch with venues in that particular area which suits your party requirements and budget.

It Saves You Time

Having a professional cut down hundreds of possible venues down to just a few dozen will give you more free time to let you focus on other aspects of the event, like organizing invites, preparing drinks and foods, and so much more.

It’s Free

There is no need to make any payment. The owners of the function events usually pay venue locators a small commission when they send business in their direction. A great venue finding service will give you a no obligation list of potential events that is completely free.

It Saves You Energy

Just imagine having to travel to all venues just to choose the best one, only to find that they don’t suit your party or they don’t have the room you need. The function venue finding service can rule out all these things early on so you just have to visit the least number of venues personally.

No Biases

Many of the reviews you find floating around online can be easily made by paid reviewers just to shed them in better light. Sadly, some venues are also using strategy to give not so good feedback to their competitors. It can be really hard to identify the real ones from those that are made up. However, a reliable good function venue finding service puts the person before commission value. Since their service counts on word of mouth referrals, it is a must to recommend only those venues which meet the criteria of the client.

For your next event, you can count on venue finding services to make the task easier and more convenient.