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First Birthday Venues Melbourne

The first birthday of your child is significant for you. That is why you are stressed out. There are plenty of things that you need to prepare. Food is important. Designs, too. What about the venue? Where is the perfect place in Melbourne to have the first birthday of your kid? What about the activities?

Don’t worry. We, from Lensbaby, will take care of all the stress and hassle, so your child’s first birthday is going to be a time to remember.

caden 1 year oldOK, let’s say, for example, we have Caden. His dad is very busy working from 8am to 5pm as the senior manager of a large IT security firm. And his mom is also working as a nurse during night shifts. There is so much going around home and work, so the couple didn’t have lots of time to think about the first birthday of Caden. But in the end, Caden’s birthday was a total success. It was a blast!

This is what happened. Caden’s mom, Caitlyn called Lensbaby. She talked about the coming birthday of Caden, and she explained her vision for the party. Our friendly birthday assistant explained in details what Lensbaby could do for Caitlyn and Caden. After Caitlyn agreed, the next thing she knew is that all the details of Caden’s birthday were already prepared and the party was smooth and easy.

Here is how Lensbaby prepared the birthday party and the venue

First, Lensbaby drafted a party idea for Caden. After a day, this idea was emailed to Caitlyn along with the total cost of the first birthday party of Caden. After Caitlyn approved the idea and the cost, Lensbaby called all its partners that could help make Caden’s birthday a success. These partners vary and not limited to venue management service providers, clowns, sound and lights services, food catering services, party supplies, and decor services.

Three hours before the birthday, everything was already set for Caden’s birthday. His dad and mom did not have a stress in preparing for the perfect first birthday party of Caden.

Do you want your son or daughter to have the perfect birthday party like Caden? Contact us today!

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