How to Prepare for a Children’s Party

The mere mention of a children’s party often creates two different reactions from parents. Some love the idea, while others try to avoid it as much as possible. However, preparing a children’s party doesn’t really need to be a complete nightmare. Read the tips below to learn how to pull off the perfect party for your little ones.

Decide on the Date

Setting the date for a children’s party isn’t easy, especially if you consider your busy schedule and amidst other parties that your kid’s friends will be attending. Thus, the very first thing you should do after deciding on the date is to distribute the invitations. This should be done at least 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time. You can also send out save the date emails in advance just to be sure. If your chosen venue is a popular one, it is also wise to book it at the soonest time possible.

Set a Budget

There are a couple of reasons why the budget is the cause of stress when planning a children’s party. First, they probably have a tight budget but they don’t want their kid to know. Second, there could an intense competition among parents in their child’s class who will pull off the best party.

You can avoid these problems if you have a budget and ask for input from your child. See to it that the activities you plan all fit your budget. As long as kids are having fun, they will never notice that you used cheap table cloths. Remember, it is a party and you do not need to compete with anybody. So, take the pressure off yourself.


Several schools have rules that the entire class, up to a particular age, have to be invited to the parties. Check it before you begin planning so that you do not get a huge surprise in the end. Determine if you’re expecting parents to drop and run or stay. It will make a difference to the number of food you should prepare and the number of extra hands you’ll need.

The golden rule is that you can assume if children are under 5 their parents will stay, but if the child is over 5 years of age, it becomes less clear. It is important to ensure that you ask or make notes on your invitations that states in either way. Ensure that you have enough adult helpers to make some things run smoothly.

Set the Time

Deciding the time for the party can be a bit challenging and would be dependent on the kid’s age and planned activities. Parties must last around 2 hours. It’s long enough for the children to have fun and not run out of the steam or get bored.


Whether you are emailing, posting or hand delivering invitations, you should make sure that it includes various details including the child’s birthday, time of the party, and the theme or guide for dress code.


For you to decide about the decoration, you should have a theme. It can be anything as long as it is something that your child prefers.


Usually, finger foods are easy to prepare. Just ensure that you have a healthy option because not all children will be content with pizza and crisps. Some kids prefer savoury items.

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